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Rational Nutrition

is owned and operated by P.D. Bower who has over 50 years’ experience in this field. Rational Nutrition has been manufacturing livestock supplements since the early 1990’s. Phil had a successful consultancy business catering to leading Merino Studs, Sheep Producers, Beef Cattle Studs, Equine Studs, Camelid and Goat Breeders. It was the lack of suitable products on the market for the needs of his clients that led to the formulation of many of his best-selling products.

With tertiary qualifications in Livestock Health & Nutrition, his practical experience includes 10 years as Wildlife Supervisor at Waratah Park Sydney, training the animals for the much-loved TV series “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo”. He has also owned and operated a successful horse stud and has trained several winning racehorses. Phil is also the owner of the highly successful Charolais Stud 4U2, which has won many Champion of Show and Champion of Champion awards at Royal and Local Shows.

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