Sheep Mineral Supplements

Econo Min Blocks

Trace element block for cattle, sheep, goats and deer. Our biggest selling block containing all major macro and micro minerals, pressed hard to stand up against the weather. Widely used by sheep and cattle producers.

Dry Season Blocks

Mineral supplement ruminant lick block. Contains all ingredients of the Econo Min block plus 8% urea, extra potassium, copper, zinc, magnesium and manganese. This product can be fed all year round.

Shedded Sheep Blocks

These blocks contain a mix of minerals and amino acids suitable for housed sheep. Contains DL methionine + ammonium chloride to acidify urine and help prevent bladder stones.

Lot Fed Lamb Concentrate

A palatable powder supplement containing Vitamins, Minerals and the Ionophore Bovatec™ (non hormone/non antibiotic growth promotant) with acidotic & coccidiostatic properties. A very successful and cost effective product. 10kg per tonne of feed.

Nutri Lifta

A complete powered mineral feed supplement for all stock to lift mineral levels in pasture or supplementary feeding situations. Very economical to use and great results. Can be mixed with feed or ad lib in troughs. If Nutri Lifta gets wet a crust forms and stock still continue to lick. Complies with NRC & SRC recommendations.

Nutri Lifta UC

Nutri Lifta mineral feed supplement with added protein.

Nutri Lifta Coastal

For coastal or other leached areas. Contains extra phosphorus, sulphur, cobalt, copper and selenium.

Nutri Lifta FF

Containing a number of additives that may assist with ‘scald’, foot abscess, and other foot problems in ungulates. A big seller in wet conditions, and widely used.

Shedded Sheep Feed Concentrate

Vitamin, Mineral and Ionophore additive for shedded and show sale sheep.

Cal Guard + K

Basically supplies necessary mineral, electrolyte, and most vitamin requirements of horses, regardless of what they are fed, what stage of growth they are at, or what type of work they are doing.

Beef Feed Concentrate

An excellent and effective addition to any feeding regime for all types of cattle. Contains only vitamins, minerals and the Ionophore Bovatec™ (non hormone/non antibiotic growth promotant) with acidotic, coccidiostatic properties & bloat reducing properties. No fillers. Use 12½ kg per tonne.

Custom Mix

Made for specific animals in specific conditions.

Vitamin E

Highly concentrated dl alpha tocopheryl acetate, 500iu per gram. 1kg pack contains 500,000iu equivalent of 8k of other brands with fillers. Suitable for horses and all other livestock, water miscible.

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