Stockguard blocks


The Stockguard range of blocks are produced to assist you in achieving maximum results with your livestock whether that be wool, beef, dairy, or equine.

Calcium Molasses

Popular source of calcium in palatable molasses, contains an acid salt to enhance calcium absorption. Suitable for all animals.

Hi Calcium

This block contains 25% elemental calcium with an acid salt to enhance absorption. Suited to all animals where a calcium deficiency is a problem.

Phos Cal

A high phosphorus yielding block valuable in breeding stock. For phosphorus deficiencies and to balance calcium phosphorus levels in stock.

Micro Min

A quality supplement block containing essential trace elements and minerals for all year round use in sheep, cattle, goats, deer and horses.

Micro Min + Urea

Low level 3% urea block that will assist your stock to transition from lush to dry feed conditions. This block has ready acceptance with livestock and is suitable for all year round feeding.

Micro Min + Hi Urea

Enables ruminants to digest roughage and covert to protein, whilst the trace elements and minerals allow the stock to maintain condition. Use in dry feed areas and under drought conditions only. Only for sheep and cattle.

Micro Min +Hi Sulphur

A must where stock are grazing sorghums and other pure acidic production forage. Very popular in coastal areas with dairy cattle.

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